The team Slaytrekx


Once upon a time there was a woman named Victoria Mary Vance who created a collective of 4,095 multiverses in her own mind, in which her own ancestors were born.
On the Starship Batar a man named Doctor Zeppo Alexander Dunsel merged these multiverses into one collective hyperpower intelligence named Kegar using the Goddess Amanda Susan Parker as a focal point. Amanda Susan Parker seduced a mortal man and together they had a son named James Isaac Parker. This mutant genius became an ancestor of Victoria Mary Vance. Amanda Susan Parker and her closest friends, became part of Kegar.
Kegar defeated his great enemy Zirkon and made himself complete.
Kegar then ascended to a higher plane of existence and was internally ruled by a team of Kegar components named Slaytrekx: omnipotent reality warping mutants, with a polyamorous culture, operating on a multiversal level causing their own conception, thus willing themselves into existance the way they wanted to be by selecting their own ancestors from various universes. These ancestors, together with their entire multiverses, were obviously regular parts of Kegar. The Slaytrekx members all had the powers and knowledge of their magnificent ancestors and, together with all those ancestors, lived within a small galaxy, the crown jewell of the collective hyperpower intelligence, within Kegar.
On his way to the higher plane Kegar absorbed his own home multiverse becoming 4,096 multiiverses. Kegar then merged with the highest power, Emmy, the Crystal Goddess. Emmy had one important herald: Lee Logan Armin Pike.

Members of team Slaytrekx:

Thomas Balthasar Pilot
Victoria Mary Vance Doctor Zeppo Alexander Dunsel
Amanda Susan Parker Walter Scott Gunn Amora Blake James Free Rory Reynolds

Xasq (Executive Department Green)
Helen Kirk Mary Kartrest Scott Gunn Lucy Parker Theo Mitchell Jack Summers
John Alexander Christopher Kirk David Clark Richards Elizabeth Mitchell Leonard Kent Lori Kent William Kent
Shorrorf (Legistative Department Blue)
Sarah Jean Summers Xander Kirk Joan Alanis Wagner John Burroughs Mary Jane Kent Buffy Kirk
Veronica Kirk Walter Benjamin Valentine Helena Holmes Jim Uxbridge Buffy Harris Clark Alexander Kirk
Citsatnaf (Judicial Department Red)
James Harris Tru Kirk Clark Carter Holly Wood Elizabeth Summers Scott Kirk
Linda Kent Jeff Carter Angelina Pangborn John Rhodan Lori Rhee James Challenger
Kepaan (Administrative Department Gold)
Lucy Bell Stephen Ardoba Jessica Gordon John Zimmerman Elisa Murphy Dave Bond
Jane Carter John Maltby Mia Ardan Basil Blackadder Uma Smith Janet Smith

THE HANDS (Agents)
Jane Parker Jack Kirk Jonathan Parker Charles Chase James Alexander Summers Mary Carter
John Nicholas Sun Helena Bering Linda Richards James Alexander Summers II James Alexander Summers III James Alexander Summers IV
Duke Nathan Parker Jenna Ives Malcolm Abraham Serra Thora Glenda Perkins Audrey Perkins James Alexander Summers V
Mistra Maltby James Alexander Summers VI Joshua Rosewater Mara Skywalker Apollo Lisinski Maya Russell
Maggie Russell James Alexander Summers VII Jimmy Summers Wally Parker Susan Kegarson Jim Alex Kent
Kirk Summers Dyson Moore Eva Flux Gene Kirk Gina Cheney Daphne Allen
May Grey Barbara Banner Malcolm McKay William James Wesley Belmont Amanda Wagner
Drusilla Kirk Jim Free Mary Star Peter Connor John Kent Eva Allen
Herbert Wells Venus Stark Amanda Q Stephen Banner Bo Bristow Nick Winchester
James Sisko Buffy Dennis Dean Sisko Benjamin Richards Charles Grey Kaylee Keller
Philip Horatio McCoy Larry Hedford Rory Song Matt Mulder Mark McCoy John Lavelle Alexander Kirk
Sam Grey Jon Richards Barry Kent Perry Carter Byron Sondheim Benjamin Picard
Devon Landry Tom Torres Bertram de Kat Alex Lightman Dennis Foster Adam Marshall
Lex Kent Daniel Austin Solo Enigma Catherine Marsh Mary Jane Ice Queen
Susan Theron Mariko McKenzie Nicole Morgan Jean Silverton Jane Ryder Scarlett Arden
Megan McMichaels Polly Carnahan Kate Crichton Valeria McMichaels Kate Starling Lois Hooker
Courtney Reynolds Karen Bartel Janice Kirk Teri Harris Evie Carsen Maria McMichaels
Scarlett Valens Luke Riker Mal Frye Rem Greene Flash Arden Fatima Anderson
Kirk Smith Conny Crosby Tim Nash Victor Vance Mara Crocker Walter Benjamin Valentine II
Leonard Grey Samantha Kent Scott Kent Mike van Helsing Nicole Ripley James Burkhardt
Alex Prince William Pike Bruce Ross Bruce Pike Elizabeth Kirk Sam Moore
Richard de Peyrac Jake Wayne James Rigg River Pike The Matt Pike The William Decker
The Katherine Pike Jackson Garrovick Frank Song Parker Kent Sam Parker Audrey Harper
Shane Ford Janice Farrell Anna Smith Benjamin Smith William Smith Alex Carter
Barbara Smith Peter Crichton Peter Smith Robert Sun Peter Summers Julia Crichton
Benjamin Summers Rachel Pilot John Repus James Roxton Alex Kent Remray
Scott La Forge Ann Lovejoy Tahnee Peterson Delish Alexander Dane Alexander Alexander
Jack Danvers Hal Carter David Xavier Tony Reynolds Clark Spock Julian Rosenberg
Jenna Smith Nick Harris Mary Parker Jonathan Kirk Nicholas Harris Miranda Malone
John Kirk Ellen Connor Jason Maltby Sarah Malone Leela Lehane Maria Nelson
Amanda Burkhardt Buffy Connor Nina Angel Jessica Compton Annie Wheat Myka Lattimer
John Wesley Bruce Burkhardt Wesley Bruce Nicholas Johnson Bruce Sun Wesley Bruce Pike Franklin Lee Willard Pike
Bruce Strange Mina Pike Mara Sun Luc Ardoba Mara Pike John Pike
Barbara van Helsing Willow Strange Lora Blake Willard Strange William Strange Willow Strange III
Wilma Strange Will Strange Rachel Strange Jason Strange Lucy Sun Will Strange II
Will Strange IV Johnwill Strange Wes Danvers John Song John-Wes Danvers John-Wes Danvers III
Rina Sheridan Mara Morane Kate Austin Wesley Will Pike Rachel Danvers Wesley Will Danvers-Pike
Nicholas Porter Mistra Malone Nicholas Danvers-Pike Selina Queen Nicky Danvers-Pike Andromeda Skywalker
Erica Ryder Nicholas Eric "Ned" Danverspike Rachel Summers Franklin Richards Will Pike Leah La Forge
Simon Boyce Zarabeth of Izar Mara McGivers Flint Cochrane Luc La Forge Judson Carsen
Jonathan Richards Nicole Donovan Vandi Harris Peter Lang Luke Ripley River Carter

THE FEET (Special Double Agents infiltrating Zirkon. Born in the Free Love Kappa cluster of multiverses around the Valens Kappa universe. Kappa variants were known for total free love. Every possible love actually existed. From each love new life was born. Women were in the majority and ruled the cluster. The fact that a lot of loves within the Kappa cluster, sometimes called 'kinky', 'freakish' or 'bizarro' by others, were totally impossible in other parts of Kegar confused the hell out of Zirkon.)
MI Squad (Leaders)
Kitty Kegarson Cat Crichton Claudia Carnahan Leonora Howlett Evie Wilde Janice Ross
BB Squad
Leonora Oyama Diana Braca Zofia Gallio Jessica Schade Evie Gallio Nina Musante
Karen Clayton Brenda Reynolds Linda Harshaw Nancy Hooker Freya Freeling Heidi Hill
GB Squad
Dale Gallio Fran French Quinty Quist Kate Grayza Anna Ashka Leonora Le Fay
Jane Johnson Dawn Downs Joan Clay Wilma Cooley Petra Schade Cat Bolin
BG Squad
Dale Gaunt Kara Parker Leah Palamas Jane Silverton Helga Hill Kathleen Peck
Sheba Arden Frida Freeling Sarah Starling Sil Summerskill Heather 6 Dina Freeling
VA Squad
Patricia "Trish" Theron Katherine Klaviertoets Susan Snof Kathleen Klaviertoets Amanda Zirkon Kate Kegarson
Cat Kegarson Cat Valens Kira Smith Julia Smith Tina van Vogt Vanessa Anorn